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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a collection of hands-on therapeutic techniques used by therapists to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. This often includes soft tissue and joint mobilizations, manual traction, and passive stretching. These techniques can be used to address concerns of pain, swelling, and range of motion.

Our team of therapists are highly trained in manual therapies through both their doctoral program as well as extensive continued education in advanced techniques. This form of intervention can be highly effective in relieving pain and improving mobility in both acute and chronic conditions. These techniques can also be applied safely in post-surgical cases.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled technique performed by a physical therapist, or other certified specialist, using fine needles to penetrate the skin and/or underlying tissues. This is used to affect change in body structures and functions to reduce pain, improve movement and reduce disability. Though a common misconception, dry needling is not the same as acupuncture. Dry needling is based on modern western medicine with regards to the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.

Dry needling is becoming an ever more popular treatment as it can provide faster results than other treatment techniques. It can also be used in cases where range is highly limited or when other forms of hands-on treatment may not be as effective or tolerated as well. Following a thorough assessment, our physical therapists will let you know if dry needling may be right for you. 

Neck Therapy
Senior Physiotherapy

Therapeutic Exercise

Movement is medicine. In physical therapy, therapeutic exercise is prescribed movement to correct impairments and restore normal muscular and skeletal function. Though rest is at times appropriate, exercise can help facilitate the healing process when properly dosed. Research has consistently shown the positive benefit of exercise combined with other interventions than passive treatments alone.

At Ethos Physical Therapy, we will tailor an individualized program based on your specific needs and goals. This may include exercises targeted at improving strength and endurance of muscles, flexibility, range of motion and balance. Our team will also ensure that you are properly set up on a personalized program upon discharge to best maintain long term relief and improved function.

Sports Rehab

Sports rehab is truly a unique subset of physical therapy that many clinics do not have the means to adequately manage across the entirety of your recovery. Too often athletes sustain reinjuries due to being insufficiently prepared for unrestricted play. Whether you are early post-op for an ACL tear or you are completing advance return to sport training, our Ethos Physical Therapy we have both the knowledge and means to get you back to sport in the safest manner.


Our staff is also trained in preventative measures and has experience working with athletes of all levels Through full body screenings, such as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), our staff can identify musculoskeletal dysfunction as well as impairments in coordination that can lead to future injury. Properly addressing these impairments can not only help keep you on the field of play but can also improve performance.

Physical Therapy Session
Female Golfer

Golf Rehab

Golf is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skills. Whether you are just getting started or an advanced player, Golf rehab can be beneficial for you. Utilizing the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment model, we will be able to identify potential areas of insufficiency or injury for all aspects of the golf swing. Too often golfers rely solely on the newest technological advances in equipment but forget about the most crucial tool, the body. As part of the golf rehab program at Ethos Physical therapy, you can expect a total body movement analysis with interventions directed at corrective movement patterns as well as golf specific strengthening exercises promoting improved proficiency as well as decreased pain and risk of future injury.

Pre/Post - Surgical Care

Presurgical rehab, more commonly known as “Prehab”, is becoming increasingly popular given the positive benefits associated with it. During prehab, one of our specialists will develop a treatment plan directed at decreasing pain while improving strength and range of motion associated with your injury and upcoming surgery. This has been shown to help with recovery following surgery, shortening the time required for post-operative care. We will also provide insight into what to expect with the initial period following surgery and discuss appropriate strategies while you are under your post-operative restrictions.

Following surgery, the right type of care is vital. At Ethos Physical Therapy, our team of therapists have extensive experience working with a wide range of post-operative conditions. We will maintain an open communication with your surgeon and ensure that you are progressed within a safe manner based on standard healing times and personal factors. Whether you are recovering from joint replacement, spinal surgery, or ligamentous repair, our therapist will work with you to regain your function and get you back to doing what you enjoy.

LightSpeed Lift.webp

LSX-500 Lightspeed Lift / Treadmill

  • Reduced impact on joints: The LSX-500 provides up to 60 pounds of body weight support, which can significantly reduce the impact on your joints during walking, running, or other exercises on the treadmill. This can be especially beneficial for people who are recovering from injuries, have chronic pain conditions, or are overweight or obese.

  • Improved balance and coordination: The support provided by the LSX-500 can help you to improve your balance and coordination. This can be helpful for people who are new to exercise, or who have difficulty with balance.

  • Increased confidence: The feeling of security and support that the LSX-500 provides can help you to feel more confident when exercising on the treadmill. This can lead to you being more likely to stick with your exercise program.

  • Allows for earlier gait training: Physical therapists can use the LSX-500 to help patients begin gait training earlier in the rehabilitation process. This can be beneficial for patients who are unable to bear full weight on their own.

  • More efficient running mechanics: Athletes can use the LSX-500 to help them train with better running mechanics. This can help to improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury.

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